Application Testing For Applications For Cloud Applications Essay

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Cloud computing is considered as a one of the most emerging technologies which also opens new door for software application testing. This document describes a descriptive literature review for application testing in cloud and methodologies collected from various sources. In this research paper, we have also addressed a testing environmental architecture and the valuable key benefits, to perform execution of test cases and used testing methodologies to enrich quality of cloud applications. We have also tried to covered the scope of cloud computing, which is not only changes the way of obtaining computer resources, but also the methodology of managing and delivering computing services ,technologies and solutions. Hence, in order to ensure high quality of cloud applications under development, developer must also perform testing to examine the quality and accuracy of the design. Additionally, this paper investigates the software testing in cloud environment which includes cloud testing models, recent research work, commercial tools and research issues. This document is prepared based on various sources of research: academic article, books, technological literatures and other web articles. Appropriate references have been provided for the related source. Keywords: Cloud Computing, Descriptive Literature Review, Application Testing in Cloud, Cloud Applications, Cloud Environmental Architecture. Introduction: Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is a model for enabling
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