The Concept Of Cloud Computing

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The previous chapter demonstrated the key fundamentals of the research and an introduction to the concept of Cloud Computing. Even though a lot of research work has been done on the subject of cloud computing, the field is still a relatively new academic field. The National Institute of standards has established the standards related to Cloud computing and the research into the subject continues, especially with new tools and technology infrastructure that continues to evolve at a very fast pace.
This chapter provides detailed and explicit information on the research methodology, establishing the different viewpoints of the research, as well as the methods that were used in this particular venture. The chapter will provide a detailed description of the research environment, justification for the paradigm and methodology chosen, description of the research procedure, implementation of the action research, data collection methodology, data sample selection, and ethical considerations and implications.

Description of the research environment
The research work was basically to evaluate the risk management processes associated with adoption and implementation of cloud computing in Canadian banks. The Canadian Banks are strictly regulated and monitored by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) that emphasizes on robust risk management systems at financial institutions. The effectiveness of the risk management system at the Canadian banks is…
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