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The Application of Watson’s Caring Theory Name Institution Affiliation Application of Watson’s Caring Theory Human Caring Theory by Jean Watson contributes to the existential nursing. It concentrates on authentically caring concerning the whole patient. This caring involves the patient’s spirit, body and mind to facilitate the healing process to persist at an optimum level (Watson, 2011). Watson defined it as a caring model, which includes both science and art; providing a framework that intersects with and embraces science, art, spirituality, humanities, and new dimensions of spirit-body-mind medicine in addition to nursing. The essay describes the idea of Watson’s theory, the application of Human Caring theory in nursing…show more content…
2013). Watson describes a transpersonal caring relationship as moving past self and glow with cosmic, even spiritual, connections and concerns, which tap into healing potentials and possibilities. Nurses should find it in themselves to reflect on and explore whom they are to offer optimum care. If the nurse understands what it takes to attend to their patient, it might take them on a practice, which benefits both the patient and the nurse. The nurse goes beyond their responsibility by predicting the patients’ needs and ensuring that those requirements are met. In Caring occasion/caring moment, Watson and Nelson (2011) denotes that a caring moment is the occasion (focal point in time and space) when another person and the nurse join forces in such a manner that a human caring occasion is initiated. Both individuals, with their distinctive phenomenal areas, have the likelihood to team up in a human-to-human matter. Watson and Nelson (2011)
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