Application for Master Degree in Theory and Computational Science

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In this ever changing world of computers, where computer systems grow more efficient, intelligent and complex, I find the in-depth study of computing concepts not only appealing but also indispensable. As I move ahead in the future, I strongly desire for a program that would help me build a comprehensive foundation in the field of Computer Science. Within this field, I have developed a deep interest in the area of Theory and Computational Science. More specifically I find algorithms and theory of computation the most appealing areas due to their application in solving many real world problems.

My undergraduate course in the field of Electronics Engineering has given me a comprehensive exposure to all the core fields of computer science …show more content…

The project was successfully implemented and demonstrated during our final presentation.

Throughout my professional career as a Java/J2EE Developer, I was involved in integrating diverse Java web technologies to create highly qualified web applications. Primarily my responsibilities included: Analyzing new business requirements, proposing technical solutions for design and implementation, coding and testing. For the ‘Global Protein Separation’ project, a web based application for our client GE-Healthcare at Tata Consultancy Services, I got the opportunity to work as a ‘Project Leader'. I gained an understanding of the phases involved in developing a web application from scratch. The purpose was to migrate the system which existed in Oracle Forms to a browser based Java application incorporating new features and functional requirements.I was involved in designing the web interface, implementing MVC architecture using Struts2 framework, integrating security features and backend functionalities. As a project lead, I also exercised my managerial skills including supervising audit, project management and delivery.

At Capgemini, I worked for our client, Morgan Stanley Investment Management as an Associate Consultant for a web based system named ‘Carry Incentive Plan’. Here I learned about the field of banking and financial services. It exposed me to wide range of terminologies used in investment banking and their business. The project gave me an opportunity to

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