Statement Of Purpose In Computer Science

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Statement of Purpose As Arthur C. Clarke said ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’, I am always fond of that magic and I never ceased to learn new things especially, computers. Its formidability and enigma urged me to take footsteps in the field of Computer Science, that is when I decided to pursue my graduation in Computer Science. Hence upon completion of my 12th grade, I took up Computer Science and Engineering at the Sriguru Institute of Technology, India affiliated to Anna University which provided me the perfect platform for achieving academic excellence. In the course of my Undergraduation, my area of interest is C, Java, Computer Networks, Data Mining and Web Technologies. Studying aforementioned courses made my journey very interesting. Programming languages have given me the milieu to put theory into practice and have helped me keep my logical skills sharp and limpid. I did not limit myself to classroom learning but also explored various online courses. In this regard, I did several …show more content…

The excellent course profile and the erudite faculty has made me feel that graduate studies in your institution would be instrumental in shaping my career goal. Also, the purpose of education is achieved when the knowledge gained is well blended with the proper sense of research and application. With the various research centers and the potential research work carried here, I see good research projects to further strengthen my grip in my discipline. I am also keen on taking part in extracurricular activities, social events, fundraisers and community projects, entrepreneur/innovators club, and student government association. The research based curriculum and sophisticated laboratories at the university inveigle me towards pursuing my graduation

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