Application of an Analytical Tool Box Design

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In this report, the aim is to provide company A with an analytical tool box design for achieving this match between research and product development. The final goal of the tools will be to encourage an imaginative climate in Company A which will increase the company’s profit margins in the long run. The report will adjust the normal technical pattern of problem identification through scanning, strategy/implementation and learning. At each stage of the report, the important set of tools will be analyze in order to adjust same with the unusual requirements of company A. In appraising the situation of company A the critical analysis of the problem solving tool that company has used. Then, the company would look at a set of analytical inward focus tools which is relevant to company A in the case. These will be web gap analysis in combination with brainstorming. Finally, the report will provide recommendation for an implementation framework using portfolio management and Analytic Network Process effectively coupled with learning that the company will use to evaluate and re-adapt this process for continuous improvement. Within the limits of time and resource constraints, it suffices herein to state the limitations of that case; 1) The first limitation pertains to the insufficient descriptions of some of the recommended tools as a result of limited word count. However, effort has been made to use diagrams and tables to demonstrate some aspects of these tools to make up for this
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