Applications Of Quality Function Deployment Approach

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UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN DEARBORN AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS ENGINEERING TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT AND SIX SIGMA IMSE-561 Term Paper Application of QFD and FMEA for Design improvements Professor: Yubao Chen Prepared by: Karthick Kadhapalli Natarajan (80431110) TABLE OF CONTENTS OBJECTIVES 3 Reason for this case study 3 INTRODUCTION 3 Technical specifications and comparisons for the gaming consoles 5 Product considered for design improvement 8 Configuration 9 Customer requirements 9 Technical requirements 10 HOUSE OF QUALITY 10 Building the house of quality 10 obesrvations from the house of quality 13 Proposed design improvements 14 FAILURE MODE EFFECT ANALYSIS 14 FMEA-functional (gaming) 14 Ranking 15 Inference from FMEA 16 CONCLUSION 16 REFERENCE 17 OBJECTIVES This main objective of this case study is to discuss the applications of Quality Function Deployment approach (QFD) and FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) to improve the design of a product for better performance. For the purpose of analysis I have selected a current generation pc gaming console and compared it with the other gaming consoles currently present in the market to identify the best possible outcomes for a design improvement. This is done by using QFD to benchmark its specifications to consider all the factors which plays a major role. Analyzing the factors using QFD helps in converting the consumer requirements into technical requirements and determining the weighing

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