Implementing Existing System Of Quality Control

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NDY will utilize existing system of quality control to ensure that required services are being provided as per the Contract requirements; that these services are of professional quality; that outcomes are being met; and that clients are satisfied with the services received. NDY has a long history of providing services to at-risk /high-risk youth and low-income families with grant funds, including foundation, federal, state and county funding sources and the agency has a system in place to guarantee service compliance and goal attainment. Utilizing sound evaluation research methods, NDY routinely conducts both process and outcome evaluations of all programs. In addition to complying with all Contract-related reporting requirements, NDY will implement an internal monitoring process. Our process evaluation methods include periodic detailed case audits, random service provision observations, weekly case presentations, and continual monitoring of client goals and objectives by staff and supervisors. Activities to be Monitored Individual Case Progress/ Goal Attainment– Progress will be evaluated by Monthly Progress Notes and Goal Sheets. Progress towards goal attainment will be monitored, including goal attainment and compliance with the referral process, outcome measurement, and program plan. The Goal Sheets will also be used to determine case progress. Client satisfaction surveys will be administered to all youth participants and their parents/caregivers at the end
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