Applying Plain Packaging On Cigarette Cases Essay

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With the looming possibility of implementing plain packaging on cigarette cases, the lobbyist involved uses certain facts to shed light on the seemingly hidden implications of the plain packaging policy. The main concern of the lobbyist and the advantage point lies within how uninformed the general populous is. The lobbyist essentially claims that the plain packaging policy has no proof of being an effective method of diminishing the number of smokers. Though the lobbyist asserts that it is invalid, this research essay will introduce compelling evidence and experimental data that suggests that the notion behind the plain packaging policy is actually an efficient method for minimizing the popularity of smoking. This paper will also look at opposing points of views that argue otherwise and the issue with their allegations. Before analyzing academic sources that convey the effectiveness of plain packaging, it is crucial to understand what plain packaging is and how it works.
Harry Clarke and David Pentice’s article describes plain packaging as the removal of all aesthetic features from tobacco packages. Strictly speaking, a set of explicit specifications determines what a package must have to be considered plain packaged. Some of these specifications include changing brightly colored cigarette packs to packages that contain “standardized drab dark-brown [colors,] with trade names in a standard font” (Clarke and Pentice). Furthermore, instead of allowing graphic content that

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