Applying Social Technical Theory in Knowledge Management (Km)

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Applying Social Technical Theory in Knowledge Management (KM)

The theme of my paper pertains to the application of Social Technical Theory in Knowledge Management. Technology has changed the operation of business organizations around the world. Applying socio-technical theories in knowledge management advances the ability of one organization to rapidly disseminate and share information vital to the fast, sophisticated and highly demanding information technology superhighway. Timely and effective use results in competitive edge within the organization.

Socio-technical system is popular and exists in modern business organizations. Modern organizations strive to implement and carefully execute the use of highly developed …show more content…

Individual working together as a group formulates and develops a strong organizational knowledge. For example, unorganized facts are collected and stored then transform to data, the data is then processed and become information. Information is then used by organization to precede in particular operation. Information has to be accurate to succeed. To do this, it requires knowledge within the group. People in the organization generally possessed distinctive knowledge and experience. Now, by having them working together as a team, they can collect data, process and store then generate usable and accurate information for the organization. This is the use of organizational knowledge. Organizational learning and organizational knowledge are both important processes that go together to bring competitive advantage within the organization. Organizations use knowledge management to properly apply developed and acquired ideas, experiences, and skills into various existing operations. Knowledge management is critical to organizations. According to Gregory R. Wenig, knowledge management is consists of activities from its own experience and from the experience of others, and on the judicious application of that knowledge to fulfill the mission of the organization. In my point of view, I think that knowledge management is performed by organization to appropriately handle, distribute, and transfer assets of knowledge, experience, and ideas from individual

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