Appraisal Of Person Centered Care After Acute Coronary Syndrome

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Appraisal of person-centered care after acute coronary syndrome, from hospital to primary care - A randomized controlled trial Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is a condition comprised of life-threatening disorders that remain a source of high morbidity and mortality despite medical advances in treatment. This study examined patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and their recovery period. The purpose of this study was to assess the added potential benefits of person-centered care and improvements in self-efficacy wherein patients may return to work or prior activities after an acute coronary event. There were 3982 patients screened for study enrollment. Of the 445 who met the eligibility criteria, 193 declined to participate. Thus, 252…show more content…
In the control group, patients underwent two standard individual cardiac check-ups at an outpatient clinic and were checked for medication and rehabilitation regiments as order by a physician. On the other hand, the intervention group was also medically managed, but according to protocol. Planning and decision-making for the PCC intervention process was a collaboration between the patient and healthcare professional using the Gothenburg Centre for Person Centered Care (GPCC) approach to person-centered care. The healthcare professionals monitored the intervention group consisting of physicians and registered nurses who were trained in the theory and practice of GPCC. The findings showed that more patients improved in the intervention group (22.3%, n=21) at 6 months compared to the control group (9.5%, n=10). The improvement was due to self-efficacy care in the person centered care approach (Fors et al., 2015). Questions related to CREDIBILITY Yes/No or Not Clear Rationale/Support Is the study published in a source that required peer review? Yes Article was reviewed by peers Was the design used appropriate to the research? Yes They were interested in exploring the benefits of person- centered care and how it can improve self- efficacy for patients. The study also examined a patient’s ability to return to work or pre ACS activity levels after an acute coronary syndrome event. Did the data obtained and the

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