Approaches Of Psychology And Psychology

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Approaches of psychology essay
Fray Brittany
Mr. Perez
Psych Pd.7
11 Sept. 2015
Word Count: 1,449 Psychology is a very complex thing to understand to make it easier it is split up. There are different ways to interpret the big picture in psychology it makes senses for people to do so. There are five approaches to psychology and they are Cognitive, Behavioral, Biological, Humanistic, and Psychodynamic. All of these approaches are different from one another but can sometimes be used together to get a better understanding.
“Behaviorist Approach emphasis the role of environmental stimuli in determining the way we act. In large measure, this means focusing on learning- changes in behavior which occur as the result of experience (Glassman, Hadad 100). Everything we know about behaviorism is through observation and experimentation, it doesn’t concern itself with internal thoughts such thinking or emotions they also believe that people have no free will. Our surrounding and environment are the components that determine our behavior. It is believed that when we are born our minds are “Tabula Rasa” or blank slate waiting to learn from our environment. It is believed all our behavior is developed through conditioning. For example, Ivan Pavlov a Russian physiologist conducted an experiment where he rang a bell and immediately gave a dog food causing the dog to salivate before it was given the food. When he rang the bell and there wasn’t any food the dog would still have the same

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