Approaches to Organisation and Management

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Organisational behaviour is a discursive subject and much has been written about it. The study of organisations and management has therefore to proceed on a broad front. It is the comparative study of the different approaches that will yield benefits to the manager. The study of organisations, their structure and management is important for the manager. Identification of major trends in management and organisational behaviour, and the work of leading writers, provide a perspective on concepts and ideas discussed in more detail in other chapters.

Learning outcomes
After completing this chapter you should be able to:
■ identify major trends in the development of organisational
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This is a surprising oversight when you consider that many of his plays deal with issues of personnel management and organizational behavior.5
However, the systematic development of management thinking is viewed, generally, as dating from the end of the nineteenth century with the emergence of large industrial organ- isations and the ensuing problems associated with their structure and management.6 In order to help identify main trends in the development of organisational behaviour and management theory, it is usual to categorise the work of writers into various ‘approaches’, based on their views of organisations, their structure and management. Although a rather simplistic process, it does provide a framework in which to help direct study and focus atten- tion on the progression of ideas concerned with improving organisational
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