Appropriate Behavior Summary

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Focus: Taliana and her family will be able to utilize coping skills to manage Taliana’s inappropriate and depressive behaviors in diverse setting. Ms. Smalls (MHS), Taliana and Mrs. Clark (MHS) debrief incidents of Taliana inappropriate behaviors and refusal to process behaviors.
Intervention: MHP asks Taliana and MHS for a summary of Taliana’s behaviors for the past two weeks. MHP, Taliana and MHP discuss reasons for redirection and display of verbal aggression. MHP challenge Taliana’s thought about communicating with biological father. MHP and Taliana process triggers to verbal aggression. MHP and Taliana discuss using a disrespectful. MHP, Taliana and MHS discuss using coping skills used in the past two weeks. MHP demonstrated active listening skills and requested Taliana to practice the active listening skill. MHP encouraged Taliana to acknowledge the negative behaviors and process the behaviors for better outcomes.
Response: Taliana provide a simple report of events and behaviors display in the past two weeks. Taliana describe having minimal behaviors. Taliana explain the reason for the redirection was not completing chores in its entirety. MHS provided a different report. MHS report Taliana refused to comply with simple requests of not leaving the home an hour before school start, refusing to leave the school grounds, and getting verbally aggressive. Taliana expresses MHS details was not a big deal and did not understand how it was important. MHS challenged Taliana’s statement of not thinking the details were important. Taliana practice listening before refusing to engage for the remainder of the visit. Taliana was able to repeat the statements in her own words. MHS expresses
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Taliana denies her display of inappropriate behaviors and verbal aggression.

Plan: MHP, Taliana and family will continue to identify triggers, barriers to inappropriate behaviors and practice listening
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