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Presenting Problem:
Pt. is a 10 y/o African American female presented at NNBHC with a dx of Oppsitonal Defiant Disorder, Mood Disorder NOS and ADHD, who have demonstrated out of control behaviors that are assaultive towards family members in home.
Per report from mother pt have demonstrated erratic behaviors and unstable emotions since the change in living arrangments. Per report from mother the Pt have been demonstrated violent behaviors (e.g. kicking, hitting, spitting, throwing items) towards mother and (13) sister. Per report from mother pt have been demonstrating self injurious behaviors (hitting self in the head, pulling hair out). Per report from ther pt have been demonstrated property destruction in the home where she has thrown items and taken them apart. Per report from mother pt does not have any triggers for maldaptive behaviors or mood swings. Pt reports her anger …show more content…

Pt denies nightmares and sleepwalking

Current Supports/ Family Composition
Pt has a hx of conflict within the family structure. Per report from mother they recently been evicted from their home to living with a friend and her 2 children. Pt states she does not trust her mother because she calls her “retarded and crazy”. Pt reports having low self esteem. Per report from mother, pt father is not participative with the pt.

Psychiatric Treatment Hisotry

Pt has x5 hx of IP hospitalizations, most recent was April 2015 due to SI. Pt currently receive intensive in home therapy x2 week through integrated helath services. She also receives outpatient psychiatry thorugh Dr. Burk Seigle. Pt is currently prescrived Vyvanse 50 mg daily, Abilify 5mg daily, Clonidine .01mg daily. Pt has not been compliant with Vyvanse or Clonidine due to pt mother does not want medication to be come addicted to medication. Per report from mother she is trying to wean pt off her medication to help stabilize

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