Aramaean And Phoenician Settlements

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When the Israelites were being “united” under another kingdom, the humans on the coast of the Mediterranean sea came about with their own civilization and the people who occupied Syria-Palestine were also referred to as the Phoenicians, but they saw themselves as the Canaanites. Throughout migrations in the eastern Mediterranean, much of the Canaanite society and settlements were ruined, the Aramaeans had migrated to central Syria; the Canaanites came about with new political structures and used the sea for transportation and trade and later encountered the Greeks or Phoenicians; Tyre included two harbors that were connected by a canal, a marketplace, a palace with luxuries and temples to the gods, and suburbs for the civilians, however it needed the mainland in order to get food and water. Settling along the sea allowed the people to gain new goods and as well as other countries to trade with; Tyre was able to stay self-governing by giving offerings to the Assyrians, however, they were later invaded by the Assyrian military which causes Sidon to be the head of Phoenicia. Carthage was located near Tunisia, in the middle section of the Mediterranean, mainly where Europe and Africa meet; the civilization soon came to overrule other Phoenician settlements.

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