Aramark Case

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For Aramark to improve their performances of raising revenue from previous years, they should start off from changing their image to the students. Currently, UNLV students do not have an exceeding image about the Dining Commons for their bad reputations like food quality and service. They should first provide better quality food products; it would also help to increase the variety of the menu. This could involve a wider choice of fruits, vegetables, grains, sandwich, and other main course meals other than burgers and pizza. The Dining Commons can provide a small station targeting the healthy eaters who favor healthier menu choices; for example, energy bowls are demanded by many teens and young adults who like to eat healthy and …show more content…

A majority of UNLV students live off campus, where it is inconvenient for them to bring cold, packed lunch. This will allow off-campus students to eat warm meals without having to pack their own lunch every day and increase revenue for Aramark at the same time. For these plans to follow through, product and sales managers should check on meal plan sales data regularly, to inspect if their performances have been effective. If they are rather decreasing on sales, they could start on fundraising events to boost up sales and sell their brand. Another factor that the student body and parents are not fond of is the fact that Aramark increases the cost of the meal plan as UNLV increases their tuition. Since the product has no relation to the college tuition, they should not merge their meal costs to the tuition, but rather maintain the costs and prevent from the funds to cut back.

One major thing that many students have noticed is that although they participate in giving feedback to Aramark through filling out surveys, they have not seen any major changes that could result from Aramark taking their voices seriously and as a reference. This made Aramark’s image go bad and the number of students buying meal plans to decline. Their voices were ignored and Aramark has not taken their chances. Therefore, Aramark needs to improve in reaching out, marketing, and reflecting on feedback given from students

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