Archery and Types of Broadheads

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Broadheads Broadheads are one or more blades attached to one of the ends of and arrow shaft.Broadheads have been used for a long time. Broadheads can also be called tips or arrowheads. They have been used for hunting recreation and sometimes war. The main use of today are broadheads for hunting and recreation. Over 2000 years ago, broadheads were used for hunting and battles (or wars).Broadheads are used in the sport called archery. Archery can be hunting, target shooting, or just for fun. Broadheads are attached to the shaft of a arrow.
Archery is the act of propelling arrows using a bow. Archery can also be a sport, to test your accuracy, it is a sport by shooting at a target with rings is scored. When it was first invented, archery, was used for hunting so they could have a source of food. Now a days archery is mainly used for recreation followed closely but hunting.
The part of the arrow that is long and straight is called the shaft. Arrows are made out of mainly three different materials now a days. They are wood, carbon, and aluminum. Carbon has just started being used regularly because of its lighter type of ore, making it faster than aluminum. The carbon arrows are lighter because it is first cut into shreds of carbon with a machine. After that all the shreds of carbon are compressed so hard for strength and durability.Aluminum has been used for almost fifty to sixty years. Wooded type arrows have been used since 2800 BC, in Egypt, because of it’s strength and

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