Are Cell Phones Truly Safe? Essay

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In today’s society, the most popular electronic device is cell phones. From the 1940’s to 2011, cell phones have come a long way, from its capability to help individuals to keep in touch with friends and loved ones from near and far. Now and days we use them to text, im (instant message) a person, browse the internet, take pictures, email, and even transfer data. It’s amazing how far we have gotten with a device as such, fulfilling majority of our everyday needs. But can it also be putting user’s lives in a high risk of danger? There have been many issues linking cell phones to cancer, tumors, death, depression, and much more. Cell phones can produce radiation that can affect our bodies from infants to 65+. From my perspective, cell …show more content…
The second rat was only received mild side effects from having its entire body exposed to the antenna. Dr. Adel and Dr. Kuster concluded that if an individual was exposed to these radiations from birth, there wouldn’t be much damage but it would still be in the body. Some may think that, “oh it’s just rats which has nothing to do with humans”. Well, actually it has a lot to do with humans. There’s always the issue of cell phones leading up to brain cancer and tumors. Needless to say, it technically doesn’t. Researchers Drs. Rothman and Dreyer decided to conduct a study involving patients who received brain cancer and the effects of cell phone usage. The study demonstrated those who used non-handheld cell phones rate of death was 2.42 and handheld to be 8.42. It just goes to show that cell phones may not lead to brain cancer, but for those who do have it will decrease their life expectancy. However, those who weren’t cancer patients were also decreasing their life expectancy. A group of doctors who were receiving many patients with problems of headaches, migraines, emotion stability, and depression found that Analog phone users’ lives were at stack. These patients were receiving side-effects of their brains being exposed to a high rate of radiation from analog cell phones. The

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