Are School Uniforms Effective For Students? Essay

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Are school uniforms effective for students? A majority of public schools are becoming more like private schools by requiring students to wear a school uniform. It is a controversial matter in education which not only involves the school system and the students but the parents as well. There are people who believe it is designed to keep the student educationally in shape by restraining the type of clothing, they would normally wear. That it will enhance discipline and reduce peer pressure, socioeconomic barriers or even bullying.For those who oppose believe that it 's a restraint of individualism, for example, placing limits to their religious values. Also that instead of focusing on implementing the school uniforms, it takes away time to focus on actual problems in education like classroom size, funding and the no child left behind.
For instance, parents who are in favor of the school uniform, are concerned with their child’s education, religious expression, time and money. When it 's back to school season, it 's always a fuss for a parent on buying clothes because their children want what’s trending, and it ends up being time-consuming and very expensive. It’s a big advantage to pay for a school uniform because they no longer have to worry if they’re going to be called from school that their child violated the school dress code. It also saves time for the student to not waste time focusing on what they’ll wear the following day and a perk of not being late to school. In
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