Are We Afraid To Talk About Abortion

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In college, we talk about sex a lot. We host Sex-Ed Bootcamp and Condom Bingo and we hand out condoms like they’re free candy. Glennon has free STD testing several times a year. No, we’re not afraid to talk about sex, but we are afraid to talk about pregnancy.

More importantly, we are afraid to talk about abortion.

Statistically, one in three women will have an abortion by the time she is 45. There are women in our dorms and in our classes who have had abortions. We probably have professors who have had abortions, so why are we so afraid to talk about it? What, exactly, are we so afraid of?

I know abortion is a touchy subject. I know it’s not an option every woman is willing to entertain, but the fact is that there are women who want
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