Are You An Observer Or Action-Taker

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Are You An Observer or Action-Taker? Why You Must Make A Decision Already! While clearing out a box in my garage recently, I came across the resume of a job applicant whom I will never forget. During my past life as an HR exec, I received hundreds of resumes a week and that was during a robust employment period. Whenever I posted an open position, the floodgates would open. This resume was submitted in response to a posting that I was extremely dedicated to, as it was for a position reporting directly to me. While, I received many resumes from extremely qualified candidates, two in particular stood out to me. I invited both in for a first interview and then again for a second. They both interviewed well however, I wanted to be certain who …show more content…

There were none. Stumbling upon the candidate’s resume again years later, reminded me of something important that I routinely share with my clients, many of whom often come to me in limbo. Uncertain of their purpose or their true passions. Do I want to start my own business, or do I want to continue the journey up the competitive corporate career ladder? Two common dilemmas faced by high-achieving women who often come to a point in their lives where they need to reflect and occasionally pivot. Decisions, decisions, decisions. At some point, like it or not, those pesky things have to be made. Why? Because you can’t be in observer and action mode at the same time. Stagnation, uncertainty, and yes, procrastination will cost you opportunities in your career, your relationships, your financial growth, and/or your business, just to name a few. Often times the inability to make decisions is linked to fear, self-esteem issues, lack of information and/or lack of clarity. When an organization is prepared to make a decision on a candidate for example, whether external or internal, the ability to make a quick, yet well thought out decision on the part of the candidate is critical. No focused professional wants someone who makes rash decisions on their team, however in business, time is of the essence and the squeaky wheel, does tend to get the oil. When faced with tough decisions regarding your career, I encourage you

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