The Recruitment Process Is Important For Selecting Successful Candidates

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Selection Just as the recruitment process can be tailored to reduce turnover, the new employee selection process can also be designed to identify candidates who will be less likely to leave the organization after they are hired. Past job performance is an important consideration during the selection process, but it’s also a good idea to evaluate characteristics that are predictive of turnover. Part of the recruitment plan should include explicit criteria for choosing successful candidates. Listing the job competencies as well as the attitudes and interests that will help an employee succeed in a position will in turn keep the interviewer on track should they have competing candidates. Furthermore, using the selection criteria as a…show more content…
Possibly work with the incumbent or people familiar with the various responsibilities to understand what the job is about. Screen the resumes and applications to gain information for the interview. Standardize and prepare the questions you will ask each applicant. 2) Purpose- Not only are you trying to determine the best applicant, but you also have to convince the applicant this is the best place for them to work. 3) Performance- Identify the knowledge, attributes, and skills the applicant needs for success. If the job requires special education or licensing, be sure to include it on your list. Identify the top seven attributes or competencies the job requires and structure the interview accordingly. 4) People Skills- By understanding the applicant’s personality style, values, and motivations, you are guaranteed to improve your hiring and selecting process. Pre-employment profiles are an important aspect of the hiring process for a growing number of employers. By using behavioral assessments and personality profiles, organizations can quickly learn how the person will interact with their co-workers, customers, and direct reports. They provide an accurate analysis of an applicant’s behaviors and attitudes, otherwise left to subjective judgment. 5) Process- The best interviews follow a structured process. Each applicant is asked the same questions and is scored with a consistent rating process. A structured approach helps avoid bias and gives all applicants a fair
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