Argument Against The Claim That Business Is Not A Profession Essay

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Bailey Marsh
PHIL 322
October 18th, 2016
Paper #1
In our world today it is normal to think of business as a profession. If business were to be considered not a profession, there are many factors to be considered. A profession involves a formal education, and training as well as providing a service that is in need. In this essay, I will debunk Pritchard’s argument against the claim that business is not a profession. First I will discuss how business is a profession because it involves formal education of knowledge and skills that a client acquires. Then I will show that the sole purpose of business is not to simply just generate a profit but can expand further. Finally, I will explain how business can fit Plato’s model of a craft.
Pritchard claims that business is not a profession because a profession has a set of knowledge and skills that a customer needs, and a business provides services to customers that they want. Pritchard defines a professional as someone who desires to do well by the customer when she says “Essential elements of the relationship are the professional’s desire to do good for a client and to tailor the ‘good’ to the particular needs of the client” (Pritchard 89). Pritchard’s statement is meaning that they have the customers best interest at mind and are able to tailor their service to meet their customer’s needs, despite having different customers. When Pritchard uses the term ‘good’ in reference to profession she is describing the ethical relationship

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