Argument against open campus lunch policy

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One day, Jennifer and her two best friends, all of whom were juniors, took advantage of the open lunch policy and went out to lunch in her Toyota Camry. Since all of them loved Japanese food, they decided to go to Tempura House, which was only two minutes away from their school, Loyal High School. When the students ordered their meal, Jennifer, pretending to be over twenty-one, used her sister 's driver 's license to get Japanese beer, or sake. Although the owner of the restaurant thought that Jennifer and her friends looked young, he suspected nothing. Believing that school hadn 't ended yet and that Jennifer was over twenty-one, the owner then brought the eager students their food and sake. After many cups of that strong liquor, Jennifer…show more content…
Since most of the students in her class are too young to drive to lunch, their jaws drop as she walks in the class with her Caramel Frappuchino. They start to fuss over her and thus disrupting the class. Fiona 's teacher, Mrs. Dores, tries to calm the class down, but they don 't listen to her. Then, assuming it is Fiona 's fault for interrupting the class, Mrs. Dores gives Fiona a talk after school. Thinking that Mrs. Dores hates her, Fiona later begins to treat the teacher disrespectfully and therefore an unpleasant relationship develops between her and the teacher. Incidents like this not only occur between teachers and students, but they also happen between students. On this occasion, Carrie fights with her "ex-" best friend, Jim. Jim, a senior in high school with a driver 's license, often takes Carrie, a freshman, out to lunch. But one day, after the two of them have already eaten and are ready to go back to school, Jim gets distracted by the school 's most popular girl, Jane, while Carrie is in the restroom. Totally forgetting about Carrie, Jim then takes Jane back to school, leaving the clueless Carrie behind. As a result, Carrie, who can 't find Jim, has to carpool with a very strange person from her school. Later, after knowing the whole truth, Carrie becomes very furious with Jim and will not talk to him. Indeed, the examples show the
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