Argumentative Essay About Marijuana

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Before I can tell you about the recent news about Marijuana, and its huge debacle in the United States today. First let me give you the history of this infamous plant. According to a Frontline article about the history of marijuana in the United States, it was introduced to the United States as far back as the 1600’s. American production of hemp was encouraged by the government in the 17th century for the use of rope, sails, and clothing. It wasn’t something that was known to be used as recreational until the early 1900’s, when Mexican immigrants introduced its alternate uses. The Great Depression of the 1930’s hit and that’s when the fear of marijuana set in because of massive unemployment, it increased public resentment and fear of Mexican immigrants, escalating public and governmental concern about the problem of marijuana. This caused a wave of research to be completed, which linked the use of marijuana with violence, crime and other socially deviant behaviors, primarily committed by "racially inferior" or underclass communities. By 1931, 29 states had outlawed marijuana. Fast forward to 2017, 86 years since it was first introduced as the root of all things evil, it is now filling, and flying off the shelves of several states. In the article from USA Today, marijuana is available for medicinal uses in 20 states and the District of Columbia. Of those states, Washington and Colorado have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Colorado's first retail marijuana stores
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