Argumentative Essay: Day Treatment At Community Counseling

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On today, Amiyah reported that her paternal grandfather (Chevym) raped her twice. She reported this to the reporter during an individual session at the school. She said the first time it happened was a Sunday of this month. She said they were getting ready for church and the grandmother was in the shower. Amiya's siblings were outside. She said "he put it in my cat". On Friday October 13th, they were out of school for fall break. The siblings were outside. Two of the children attend Day Treatment at Community Counseling. They were waiting to be picked up. The grandmother was at work. Amiya said that's when he "put it in her cat". Amiya reported that her granddaddy looks at her nasty and has been putting it in her cat. Amiya has not been herself…show more content…
She said she was mad at herself about how she treated her friend. She said she didn't seriously want to die. The next day, Amiya wrote a note stating she asked for help and still is not getting it. They decided to give Amiya more attention and increase her sessions to get out of her what's been going on. The grandmother is not aware of the sexual abuse. She is at work until 3:00 p.m. The grandfather doesn't work; he's usually at home. There are concerns that there are other children and girls in the home. Amiya said she hasn't seen or heard the grandfather do it to anyone else. Amiya was made aware that a report would be made. She is scared of what the grandfather would do since she reported. She is suppose to go home after Day Treatment at 5:00 p.m. The reporter will talk with the grandmother. It's unknown how things will go at the home if the grandfather is doing things to her. Amiya has an ADHD diagnosis. She has behavior problems, sped ruling, and an intellectual disability. She has been a client with Community Counseling since 2010. She has not been seen by a doctor. The reporter is the only person she reported the sexual abuse
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