Argumentative Essay: Gun Control Laws In The United States

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Newtown, Connecticut. The kindergarteners filed into their desks just after coming inside on a cool, crisp, fall morning. Adam Lanza got into his car, fresh after killing his own mother. Over 1,000 rounds of ammo filled his pockets. The carnage was about to begin. He pulled into Sandy Hook Elementary School and got out of his car. Walking through the front doors with ease, he entered a classroom. Suddenly, gunfire is heard. Blood filled the floors of the classroom. Screaming, and the aroma of gunpowder, filled the air. In America, we have gun control laws that are strict enough. Not anyone can get guns as it is. No gun zones make people sitting ducks for the criminals who do commit mass shootings. Laws are made, laws are broken. No matter …show more content…

Laws are made to try and prevent certain things from happening. That being said, making stricter gun laws will still not prevent these terrible things from happening. People still rob banks, even though it is against the law. Look at prohibition, for example. The United States banned all alcohol in the country, but look at what happened: people still found a way to get their hands on the drinks. In fact, “What everyone ''knows'' about Prohibition is that it was a failure. It did not eliminate drinking; it did create a black market. That in turn spawned criminal syndicates and random violence. Corruption and widespread disrespect for law were incubated and, most tellingly, Prohibition was repealed only 14 years after it was enshrined in the Constitution” (Moore 1). They had speakeasies, which were bars that had code names and unique passwords. There were bootleggers, who hid the drinks in their boots or secret compartments in their bags. The same results will happen if there was ever a law against guns. The point is, you cannot control people. Criminals are criminals for a reason, and there is no way to change that. You can make stricter laws and checks against guns, but people will still be able to get ahold of

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