Argumentative Essay On Invasive Beauty

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Reality of a Real Life Princess

On August 31st, 1997, Princess Diana’s death from a fatal car crash left the world stunned. Paparazzi that were later sighted as the main cause of the crash were among the first to arrive on the scene of Diana’s death, making apparent how invasive news and media can be for people especially the royal family. In Banksy's exhibit “Dismaland”,which itself is a play on “Disneyland”, one can find a sculpture of Cinderella hunched over a crashed pumpkin carriage, under a tunnel,only illuminated by the lights of crowding paparazzi.Here, Banksy makes a compelling argument and statement about how invasive media can be in a person’s live by showing a third party depiction using a national icon depicting a national tragedy.
Banksy is a street artist known for his controversy and this art installation is one of his more controversial pieces of artwork Making art pieces depicting brutal events in history is nothing new, yet what makes this piece so shocking is how Banksy portrays it. He depicts it using Cinderella, an iconic fairy tale character who little girls dream about one day being.Cinderella has the connotation of innocence and nostalgia, thus using her this attacks our ethos by taking this symbol of innocence and nostalgia and twisting it into a dark reminder of what a real life princess’s life is like. The image of Cinderella’s white pumpkin carriage toppled over pays homage to Diana’s crumpled up Mercedes, her blonde hair flowing out of the

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