Argumentative Essay About Makeup

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Throughout time the world’s perception of makeup has always been seen as a way for women to enhance their facial features, a way to feel more accepted into society, and as a way to gain the attention of another individual. Society has set specific standards that women and only women can wear makeup. Although in theater productions it was socially acceptable for men to paint their faces, it was not encouraged that men use their cosmetic abilities outside of performances. Many cultures have drilled the idea into their son’s heads that they cannot wear or play with makeup because they would lose their masculinity. Applying makeup was never seen as a way of self expression, but that a woman's natural beauty wasn’t good enough and that her …show more content…

It was not only till the Nineteenth century where makeup became gender inclusive to society and became a women dominated industry. As the years progressed society was conditioned to think that makeup was made for women. Outside ancient Egypt women had done above and beyond to enhance their beauty to become better suited for a mate or to be considered beautiful. Before makeup was even introduced to world, women went to the extremes of using burnt matches to darken their eyes, using berries to stain there cheeks and lips, and even swallow oxblood to improve overall complexion. And if it wasn’t for the help of social media, men would still be struggling to this day to get the cosmetic recognition that they deserve. Gender roles has always created social boundaries for not only men but for women as well.Women have also dealt with the hardship of trying to be accepted in a society. Since the nineteenth th century restraints of not being able to vote, or work has carried on to the Twentieth century. Women are taken seriously when it comes to sports or having physical strength. Till this day women are making less on their paychecks compared to men. Both genders have their disadvantages and both deal with trying to break the labels that have been created. A new societal culture is happening and regardless of gender the traditional constraints that have been created it is becoming less significant in not only the

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