Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Social media is constantly changing into new forms of communications that previously didn't exist. With social media, a user can meet someone from anywhere around the world and share life experiences and not have to worry about seeing each other every time they talk. Social media has connected peoples from all over the world and has made communities from peoples who have never met. People can lead a different life than they do in reality. Social media has enhanced people’s everyday lives by connecting one another lives. It’s evolving to becoming one of the standard ways of communication.

Everyone has different interests. For example, some people prefer rock music over indie music. This is because the individual mostly relates to their choice of music genre. There is a vast amount of different interests different people have. The users of social media realized that users can form a “community” of people with same interests in a way to bring them together. The only step to joining this community is to click on the “join” button, and now you are a part of the community! Social media groups consist of people having the same interest in one thing. It allows the user to talk or voice their opinion to a vast majority of people who have the same interest. Through this, the user can get a worldwide response. In the article, “Social media sites help to connect to people worldwide” posted by “The Indian Express”, it states “...We can have friends all over the world. Sitting in our

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