Persuasive Essay On The American Dream

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Our country has gone through a lot in the past couple months, hasn’t it? There’s been riots, shootings, peaceful rallies, and a presidential election. It all appears to be questioning the idea of what America really is. Is there ACTUALLY an American dream? Is it dead? Is it still alive? Or was there ever once a set in stone ideal lifestyle of the everyday American? So many questions, so many perspectives. It can be inferred from watching a news channel on tv, that our nation is the most dived it has been in a VERY long time and it is quite concerning. Something makes me believe that we can grasp the idea of the American dream, and work our way slowly back to where society used to be. Using teamwork. Knowledge, and perseverance, society can …show more content…

There’s nothing that involves happiness in today’s workforce and economy and it is troubling to think that because I’m obviously apart of this generation and that doesn't sound like such a good lifestyle to me. We can fix this by following our hearts instead of the dollar signs. Chase our dreams, not the bank. America has been labeled as “The Land of Opportunity” by foreigners. This couldn’t be farther from the truth due to the corruption that fills our national, state, and municipal governments in this day in age. The level of difficulty it is to finding a job in today’s America is drastically higher than it was in the 80s and 90s simply because were so corrupt. For instance, if you’re trying to get a job at a school district, your chances are almost double that you will at least get an interview if you know someone in that district. If you don’t then chances are that they’ll pass over your name with no second guesses. It’s very unfortunate for those types of people, because you can’t get experience to jumpstart your career and gain the valuable experience needed to climb the totem pole in your field, and how does that help our workforce? It doesn’t. How can our country improve and advance, if the only way to get a job, is if you have an “in” to a company? This way of life absolutely devastates the concept of “The Land of Opportunity”. We can help mend our equal opportunities if employers stop profiling, judging, and

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