Argumentative Essay: Should Child Soldiers Be Killed?

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300,000 children around the world fight in wars instead of going to school, would you want to be in that situation?Children that have commited war crimes are often the topic for controversy, should they be given amnesty, or should they be prosecuted?Around the world, wars are occuring, and children are taking part in it. In countries like Sierra Leone, kids are joining armies to fight for them, and this can lead them to be involved in war-crimes. Adults that break the laws are usually arrested, but it’s a different story for the children. These children that fight alongside armies should be given amnesty even though they have committed crimes because of their particular situations. One of the main reasons why Child soldiers should be given…show more content…
Evidence that prove this can be found in the article “Child Soldiers Should Be Prosecuted” and it states “They may also be selective because of lack of evidence or an overloaded justice system, so not every child soldier will be prosecuted. It is better to have a comprehensive program of rehabilitation so that all child soldiers can be reintegrated into society and rehabilitated.” The article quotes that other methods might include rehabilitation, that might be better for the kids and the society. Specifically a part in the Article “Child Soldiers:Victims or Perpetrators?” states “In addition to this, many believe, including me, that rehabilitation should be the aim and not punishment.The Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and Disarmament, Demobilization and Reconciliation program, often abbreviated TTR and DDR, are far better ways of helping children recover and reintegrate back into society and out of war.” The quote clearly explains that the rehabilitation should also be the aim and not a punishment because it is a more effective way to change the life of the kids and also of the society that surrounds
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