Argumentative Essay: The Craft Brewing Industry

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With Craft brewing on the rise again in the Cincinnati area, after its first run in the years prior to prohibition, the local Cincinnati area craft breweries are making one batch at a time for all to enjoy. Craft brewing has spanned over 200 years and once made Cincinnati the world capital of beer breweries. Hudepohl, Christine Moerlein were amongst the top breweries in the Tri-State. Some others are making a comeback along with young entrepreneurs opening new taprooms for the beer loving crowds to once again come together and enjoy a quality crafted brew and great social interaction. With many local choices of brew houses and taprooms opening in the past few years, it is hard to decide which ones to try and whom has the best beer selections. …show more content…

All the bartenders were quick in nature and hardly wrote orders down even when people order six to eight different beers. They had good memory to recall different prices and totals and all were friendly and attentive to customers. They kept the bar wiped down and clean even when the occasion spill or overflow. The flight had the floor slots with chalk writing on them to reference to the boards overhead of what beer you have. The signs describing the 30 beers in the taproom did seem a little small and hard to read the far ends without moving or asking the bartender. As we tried the four different beers we grazed over what the menu board to try and pick beers for round two. The taste of the first four was less hoppy in nature with Per-soot a nice cocoa smell and smooth cocoa backend. Her choice was Pleasant wheat that had a scuttle front kick and a smooth finish. Lift was a smooth crisp taste and the Notre Saison was a dank front grain note with a smoother backend …show more content…

The House Soda was a pleasant surprise of a lime front note with peppermint backend that was crisp and smooth, probably a good change on a hot summer afternoon. The Thundersnow was smooth winter ale with a small after bite and overall good wintery flavor. The Axis Mundi was a strong sting of coffee with a smooth after note to finish, that the wife loved, and the Rubus Cacao was a different raspberry dark brew that was aggressively bitter on the back end that was a little too much for are

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