Argumentative Essay: The Value Of Fine Arts

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I was forced, to partake in many obsolete classes throughout the time I was in elementary school and in middle school against my will. While most of my peers seemed to enjoy some of these programs, I absolutely could not stand them, I often earned “extravagant” or “fantastic” marks on them but that didn’t mean that I loved them; this wasn’t the only subject area where I earned high marks. I started going to middle school in 6th grade. In my seventh grade year, which was divided up into trimesters, I was required to take a rotating elective of one trimester of a computer class, one trimester of some sort of study-hall like class I can’t recall the details, and one trimester of an art class. I, once again, suffered in and stressed out about …show more content…

They should remain purely as electives, available to students that are personally interested in them. I would never wish the hopelessness and stress I felt in fine art programs or classes upon even my worst enemies. I understand that being “well rounded” and promoting the idea thereof is quite popular right now, but I fail to see the practical applicability of fine arts in the field I plan to major in. taking classes like this makes you really question what you’re doing with your life and makes you wonder are you making the right decision taking this course of action. When you start school you don’t really know what kind of career you want to pursue so you start to experiment and then you get stuck taking classes you don’t really want to take. Also experimenting with classes can be very expensive at times it becomes very hard to maintain your way of living and going to school at the same time. My brother said “if you are struggling financially then you should apply for a loan”. When this happens you are forced to take loans that you want to do and it puts you in debt that you’ll have to pay later. Which it gets you through school but the outcome looks …show more content…

I’m going to concede that the first assertion has some truth, but it is difficult to quantify these “skills” (then again, the job market loves people pleasers and “leaders,” something I can be but don’t want to be.) The second assertion is less believable, for those subject areas tend to be more important in daily life and many, many more career areas than fine arts will ever be. With today’s job market being the way that it is there is no longer an option than to get a degree. Every job that you will apply for now will require you to have a higher education. Back in the day people did not have these requirements and they got the job. They just had street smarts and they got by easily. Now for our generation we are forced to flounder just to make it through

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