Argumentative Research Paper For School Nutrition And Education

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Argumentative Research Paper for School Nutrition and Education Programs Do you let your children eat school lunches? Your answer may depend on your income level, time in the morning for lunch preparation, or your concern for your child’s health. Schools should continue in improving the nutrition of school lunches; however, physical education should also be mandatory from Kindergarten until senior year. Recommended levels of physical activity counts as increasing heart rate to breathe hard for some time of a total of sixty minutes per day, for at least five days a week (Wexler, 2010). Most schools focus on providing low calorie lunches, and although it is a fine goal in reducing childhood obesity, schools should also provide a variety of…show more content…
Obesity can often be the consequence of living in a household that instill unhealthy eating habits. Schools can be a positive influence on teens early in life so that obese teens can lead into their adult lives with healthier habits. With these healthier habits, they may likely have more energy to become positive influences in others lives to be healthy and be able to do more. If schools can make such an impact on students’ lives, they should try, even if they needed to sacrifice extra money or instructional time. In 2007, there was a study that only one fifth of high school students had eaten fruits and vegetables at least five times a day in a week (Wexler, 2010). While it is unreasonable to force someone to eat these foods, if they are regularly offered as part of school lunches, students may eat them if they have finished the rest of their lunch and are hungry. Schools should be encouraged to even add fruits and vegetables to vending machines for healthier options. The Influence of Schools Schools are a very important factor in determining obesity. Schools that resist a role in their students’ health welfare are setting their students’ up for obesity or at least poor health. In fact, “children consume 30 to 50 percent of their calories in school” (Klobuchar, 2011). Schools can be a positive influence and provide

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