Argumentative Speech On Competitiveness

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Antithesis-State all the bad, before you state the good Ethos- I am a lawyer Logos-Definitions/ No competitiveness no lawyers Personification- Jealousy and Competitiveness are people Parallel Sentence- We Want We Want Ladies and gentlemen of of the jury! Before we accuse our defendant of starting fights, destroying connections, and firing teamwork, we must understand what it is. Competitiveness is defined by the desire to be better than others. To be better than others, does that mean we dislike others, or want them to stop? No it simply means that we want to higher our standards to achieve theirs. It means that we want to better ourselves. We want to improve, we want to have the greatest possibilities. Our defendant, competition is …show more content…

Now I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes competitiveness has an ally. The ally is jealousy, but listen, we all have friends who are completely different from us, and competitiveness does to. Jealousy is not competitiveness although, sometimes they come hand in hand. More often than not, we have learned to ignore jealousy, and so when they come as a team, we focus on the competitiveness, and avoid being jealous. When jealousy realizes that it has no purpose, it leaves, and we remain solely competitive However, competitiveness isn’t the nicest guy on the block. He’s usually polite, but when in action, he is definitely not friendly.Why? That is his job. Tell me, at work, do you spend most of it in the hallways socializing, or do you spend it working? Unless you like to slack off, I think most of you would be working. That’s the same with competitiveness. Once it is working, it wants to get its job done, and over with. It doesn’t want to waste time. After it has completed what it needs to do , it goes back to being friendly, just like most of us are at work. After all that I’ve done to defend competitiveness I must tell you that competitiveness does get out of hand. You’ve all seen those movies where someone hijacks their roommate's alarm clock, so that they can get the best position . You’ve all seen what happens when you let the desire to win take over your life, and let jealousy influence competitiveness. Everything can get out of hand. So I believe that

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