Arguments for the Existence of God Essay

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Arguments for Existance of God

I have chosen the Christian religion to examine in this particular piece of coursework. Over the centuries philosophers and theologians have put forward a number of different arguments to argue the existence of God. The particular arguments I will be looking at are the Teleological Argument and the Cosmological Argument. ====================================================================

William Paley put the Teleological argument forward. This argument is also known as the argument of Design and Purpose. He believed that there was natural evidence in the world which supported the idea of a divine designer whose aim was to produce such a supreme life form.
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Then if you next look at the whole world, how could something so big and so extremely complicated just happen? This is just one argument that Christians might use to show there is a God. However, an atheist (someone who doesn't believe in God) may look at the Teleological argument with a reasonable response. The world has been around for millions and millions of years, therefore it's possible that humans have adapted to the conditions in which we live in nowadays. An argument always has two sides, and in this case, the side disagreeing with the Teleological argument is that perhaps humans came into existence. ======================================================================

The other argument I will be looking at is called the Cosmological Argument. The Cosmological Argument explains in detail on how event will cause another event or effect. By this meaning that if one hundred dominoes are all lined up and they fell in line, domino number 100 would be the last to fall and would fall because domino number 99 made it, and domino number 98 made domino number 99 fall and so on. However, none of the dominoes would fall what so ever if domino number 1 hadn't been knocked down by someone or something. This example is simplifying how that everything must have an event and effect in history to this very day. This argument was by
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