Aristotle and Plato Essay

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Political society today, has taken many lessons from Plato and Aristotle’s political ideas. As was the case in Ancient Greece, there are many different political ideologies and regimes that will may serve the purpose for one society, but in another, could cause utter chaos. Aristotle attributed the need for there being a number of political regimes due to the fact that there are “many parts to a city.” (4.3.1) The many parts to a city that he was referring to, simply enforces the necessity of having different forms of office for each of these parts. Not every method will work for each society. Aristotle’s concepts of political regimes have deeply rooted itself in society today. In order to understand the concepts of regime as…show more content…
The royalty regime, or otherwise referred to as the Kingship, was one leader, ruling on behalf of the rest of his people or tribe, in order to provide the best and most fair society for their supporters. Another example of a functioning royalty regime, is that of a household. The stereotypical concept of the man being the breadwinner of the family, ruling and having the best interests for his “subjects”: his children, his spouse, and their property. The man is the one supporting the family, looking out for their best interests, and mainly for the common good of his household.

________ [Possible expand] In a similar fashion as a royal regime, an aristocracy tries to represent the best according to virtue and virtue alone (Stanford). An aristocracy does not rely as much on one man as its royal counterpart would. The foundation of aristocracy is to rule by virtue, while considering the wealth of the society and most importantly, the people. As the aristocracy relies heavily upon virtue, it is said that the ideal leader for this regime would be a philosopher king, but because there is not one philosopher who is willing to rule the city (Stanford), there will be instead a handful of virtuous men who are willing to rule collectively. These leaders ensure that the aristocratic regime. The last of the three major regimes according to Aristotle was constitutional government, or polity. The foundations of constitutional government are that it is considered to be a
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