Army Personal Statement

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s a multi-functional logistician, I have completed a Master's Degree in logistics and have served in five OCONUS assignments. Thereby, I possess the mental aptitude and technical knowledge to successfully qualify and succeed, as a candidate for one of the Broadening Opportunities. Additionally, I have served three combat tours in Afghanistan supporting the 82nd ABN DIV and Third Army Forward. These assignments have allowed me to outdistance myself from amongst my peers by accepting positions that fosters innovation, creativity and out-of-the box solutions. As a field grade officer, I have transformed organizations to successfully adapt to the constantly changing environment and remain positive and focused in the face of adversity or setbacks. …show more content…

Ultimately, as a career Soldier, the Army has afforded me significant opportunities being as a minority and also as a woman. I desire to become a trail-blazer, so that women behind me can one day rate equally in comparison with their male counterparts in preparing our forces for the next war. My Army mentors have coached, trained and groomed me to plan 10-15 years in order to set a path for my future that will motivate others around me to follow my lead. Therefore, I am always prepared for the inevitable, in which, is to one day transition from the Army. However, I am committed to leaving the Army in a better state than when I originally joined in 1994. Comprehensively, this means opening career opportunities to all, professional tolerance of gender related issues/differences and actively preparing my subordinates to one day lead in my absence. The course of my career, I have developed the skills, commitment and intestinal fortitude to overcome challenges, shortfalls and surpass the operating limitations. Thereby, makes me a prime candidate for one of the Broadening Opportunities and will afford me the opportunity to lead from the front and motivate those around me to drive change throughout the Armed

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