Army Training Requirements And Resources System

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Army Training Requirements and Resources System The United States Army has always expressed the importance to service members about taking the initiative to professionally develop themselves, have the drive, and determination to excel past their peers. In order to do so, the Army offers several ways for a Soldier to professionally develop themselves during their off duty hours. The Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) is one of the foundations established that a service member can use to do online training and get credited for that training. In order to be successful with this system, the Soldier needs to know and understand how the system performs along with how to navigate the website and the course catalog. Once …show more content…

This network stores information on all course material, instructors, and requirements for making the courses available to all service members. Class schedules are also stored in ATRRS for certain years. The database also gives information such as; the individuals’ name, the rank of the student, the status of the class, and it even shows the grade that the individual scored. During a time of war, ATRRS collaborates with the Mobilization Training Planning system, which is responsible for the mobilization, training, and deployment of service members. While an individual is conducting training through ATRRS, different types of data is collected and used to enhance future training. When ATRRS was created, the Army established it for the National Guard and Reserve Soldiers as well. The Army made it a point that every soldier regardless of component, had the same opportunity to progress themselves and further their individual training. There are two different ways to access the ATRRS system. If a Soldier simply wishes to register for and take a course, all that service member needs is a Common Access Card (CAC). Access and management of school files, unit training, or statistical data take approval from a more senior leader within the unit. When approval is given, the individual wanting to access all these files must request an official ATRRS log in username and password, which can be obtained from the ATRRS

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