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Sierra Hohimer Art Deco This new visual arts style first came to France right before World War I, and then began to grow across the world in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. People did not really understand the youth movement in Europe, because all they knew was jazz. But Art Deco found a way to make their design luxurious using simple materials like glass, plastic and ferroconcrete. They were inspired by Aztec Indian art, Egyptian art, Art Nouveau and learned from natural styles in the environment. Art Deco was seen as a group of pictures with simple shapes, and basic elements of photography like lightning bolts, flat colors, zigzags, wavy lines, and sunbursts. With their colors were bright and vivid, they stood out on posters so that people would be attracted to them. But most of all, their art has a creative design that shows the real meaning of the work. This new design started to build some of the famous architectural buildings such as the Chrysler, Empire …show more content…

Such as furniture, skyscrapers and automobiles, and these objects were not just made to be normal and basic, besides the simple artwork, they were made to be luxiourous, and with a sleek modern look. During the time, a man named A.M. Cassandre, an immigrant from Russia, designed posters for travelers. His art work too was simple shapes and colors, so his designs were classified as Art Deco. He soon immigrated to the US, and ended up designing fashion magazine covers. Another artist of the Art Deco era is Karl Schulpig. He was known as being the father of all modern logo designs, also because of his Schulpig woodcuts. Schulpig also designed the meaningful facial expressions for theatre. When I think of Art Deco, I can see the beauty in simpleness. Especially in some of the vogue magazines, it expresses the fashion world and yet uses basic shapes. Also, the glass art really catches my eyes because of the use of bright and vivid

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