Art Education And Education : An Importance On Education

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1. Of the Eight reasons listed in Chapter one (pages 1-10 in text) for reasons that art is important in a child’s P-6 education, please explain which one or two that in your opinion are the most valid due to your personal experiences or observations.
Art education teaches students the skills needed to meet the national needs. Art education also teaches students general and artistic creativity. The first one stood out to me, because I like how it stated that our nation needs citizens who can think for themselves, which is very important. In my experience, people like to be told exactly what to do instead of having wiggle room for their own creativity. We need creative people in the world to create, problem solve, and critically think. We need citizens who will think for themselves and use their skills to better our nation. The second one stood out to me also because in my observations, kids aren’t getting the chance to portray their feelings, and emotions into art. This understanding of arts, allows kids to see multiple perspectives and create a desire to explore. Kids need to feel ownership over learning, and art gives them that opportunity. The skills taught in art with give kids the chance to develop their own creativity, which will help them in all other subjects. It will allow them to critically think in math, think deeper in reading, among many other added benefits.

2. Please choose one of the 8 reasons for why art is important listed in chapter one

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