Art of the Funnies: Attitude 2 a Cartoon by Ted Rall

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Attitude 2 is a cartoon done by Ted Rall that is poorly done. It is considered to be a bad comic by the standards by the article The Art of the Funnies: An Aesthetic History by Robert C. Harvey. There were many things that made this very poorly done. The first thing is the progression was not done very well at all. Also the graphic variety of the cartoon was bad, showing small variety. Another thing that was poorly done was the style of it, all seemed very similar. Lastly the main problem was the balance of the cartoon, they all were very similar. The cartoon needed a lot more effort to make it better. This is a cartoon that was very poorly done. One of the main things about this cartoon is the progression, the fact that there is no progression. Progression is how time is depicted. Sequence of panels help create time (8). Neither word nor pictures quite satisfy the cartoon (13). In the cartoon I was given there was no rhyme or reason for the panel placement, it was just random scenes put together. There was no plot in the comic which can make people uninterested. This was evident though out the whole cartoon. Also in most well done cartoons there is more word bubbles used, but in this there are few used. Progression is the most important part of a good cartoon. One cannot just have a picture or word bubbles to be a good cartoon. In the Chocolate Bunny Rehab panel that is done with just the visual. No word bubbles were present. Also along with the poor progression also

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