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Sportswear has become the popular trend of fashion: The popular trend for teenagers and adults. Sportswear has been promoted over time by sports players such as basketball, baseball and football players as well as Olympic Gold Medal Winners. The era of sportswear has grown significantly and businesses have noticed the need for change from sports fans and spectators. Businesses began to realize that growth and profits can be made in selling sportswear. Lately, it seems as though sportswear fashion is worn on a daily basis by many individuals other then sports figures. This style has simply transferred into a type of "fashion style". However, even though businesses realize the popularity and profits of sportswear, it is still the question of…show more content…
Make sure lights are cut off when not in use, make sure the building is ready for cold weather with insulation and weather stripping, and keep the thermostat down when building is not in use. Check to ensure all communication plans are tailored for economical use and beneficial to meet the companies needs (Crawford, 2006). The Real Estate Department, also, negotiates leases for buildings used to house the employees and products. To save money, the leases need to be examined to see if it would be more favorable to a company to break the lease and buy or lease another building. Most of these suggestions are ways to save money and the results will be seen in the near term. Human Resources Labor or employees is another area where operational costs can be slashed. Overtime, outsourcing, benefits, retirement, and salaries are areas that can be examined to cut expenses. Overtime pay can be very costly to companies. Companies generally pay time and half and double time in excess of forty hours and for holidays. To cut expenses, all overtime must be stopped except for high volume business days and emergency situations. Shifting jobs to lower wage countries is a practice by many American companies, it is called; offshore outsourcing. Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular practice among businesses seeking to cut operating expenses (Trade, 2004). Why should Artemis Sportswear Company consider outsourcing? Lower tax rates and

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