Artemis: The Art Of The Temple Of Artemis

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Temple of Artemis is known as temple of Diana. It’s a Greek temple which was devoted to the goddess Artemis. Designed by the architect Ctesiphon . Situated near the ancient city of Ephesus. Currently, near the modern city of İzmir, in Turkey.
It’s one of the seven wonders in the world
The word pantheon refers to all gods. It is one of the oldest standing structures in Rome and its one of the greatest features of Roman architecture. The reason behind that it was used for several functions throughout history. Nowadays its used as a Catholic church. It’s known for its dome structure. The temple was finished in 125 AD. The actual architect is still not known but it is assigned to the Roman emperor Hadrian.
The White Temple was constructed in what is known now as Ancient Near East. It’s …show more content…

Looking at the temple from outside you can clearly see that the façade contains mainly of the pediment supported by entablature and columns.
The columns witch are Ionic for this temple, are carved with sculptures in high-relief at their lower portions
The pediment was decorated with mythical figures, sculpted in high relief.
The plan shows the rectangular stylobate which is the level where the columns stand it’s width is 23.46 m and length 49 m.
The temple is dipteral octastyle. To clarify, It has two rows of columns (which are referred to as a dipteral colonnade) surrounding the temple and eight columns on the front and rear.
At the center of the temple, there was a rectangular inner chamber or cella. It’s also divided into three spaces.
The Temple of Artemis was all made of marble. It was constructed on marshy ground in order to prevent it from the earthquake danger.
The column drums and architraves were moved from the quarry by suiting them on large wheels and then, like rolling axles, pulled by oxen.
Earthen ramps were employed to get the heavy stone beams settled on top of the

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