Religious Significance The Pantheon And The Dome Of The Rock

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Kathryn Shim
November 24, 2015
Professor Moser
TA – Ginny Reynolds, Wednesday 5pm
The Religious Significance the Pantheon and the Dome of the Rock Convey
Architecture comes with many significant meanings, including religious significance. The Pantheon, built from 118 to 125 CE in Rome, Italy, was a temple made to worship the Roman gods and goddesses. This temple is one of the most important buildings both in history and architecture, influencing many other monuments with its form, such as The Dome of the Rock. The Dome of the Rock, built from 687 to 692 CE, was the first great Islamic building. Located in Jerusalem, it is a shrine still very significant to many religions, such as Judaism and Christianity, today. Though not resembling each other in appearance, these buildings are extremely similar, in terms of religious meaning. The Pantheon and the Dome of the Rock, through their own distinctive form and similar location backgrounds, illuminate religion as the most important factor in each society, as these monuments symbolize a sense of unification throughout the city. The Dome of the Rock and the Pantheon are constructed similarly. The Dome of the Rock was even influenced by the Pantheon, built on a domed-central plan structure. While the two buildings look different in appearance, they have similar forms. They both contain geometric structures. In the front, the Pantheon has a porch, with a triangular top. Behind this porch is a cylinder base with a hemispherical dome

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