Arthur Miller's Crucible Characters and Social Strife Essay

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Arthur Miller’s The Crucible presents the fact that every action has a consequence. The playwright uses his characters and the choices they make to demonstrate what happens in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. The corrupt interests of the Putnams, Abigail, and the court opposing the common good lead to social strife in the town. The common townsfolk, such as the Putnams, take advantage of the situation, and they turn against their neighbors causing tears on the moral makeup of the town. The vengeful tactics undertaken by the townsfolk to convict their neighbors allow them to avoid their personal quarrels with each other causing fear of accusations to spread. As Hale questions Elizabeth and Proctor about their religious tendencies, Francis …show more content…

(101)” The only families rich enough to be able to buy land that is auctioned would be the Putnams and the Nurses. The Putnams were the greedy ones, desiring more land and wealth. According to Giles, Mr. Putnam devised a plan to gain George Jacob’s land. Mr. Putnam told his daughter to indict Jacobs of witchcraft. The accusation leads to a sentencing and eventually a hanging, making Jacob’s land available for auction. The people of Salem lie and do wrong to defend their own lives at the cost of their morality. The reputations of the accused are tarnished, their morals are lost, and their lives ruined. Abigail and the girls in Salem lie to save themselves from the punishment of their actions, but soon they find themselves the center of attention among the town. Their actions and desire for attention pinpoint the start of a series of accusations creating fear and hysteria in Salem. When the girls are found in the forest with Tituba dancing and casting spells, Betty falls into a bedridden “sickness”. The town starts to wonder if witches are to blame. In Betty’s room John Proctor and Abigail are having a conversation. John says, “The town’s mumbling witchcraft (22)” to Abigail. The rumor is already spreading through the town which shows how paranoid and fearful the community is about this situation. In Act 2 Elizabeth says, “The town’s gone wild… I thought [Abigail] were a saint, to hear

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