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You are the project manager responsible for the overall construction of a new international airport. Draw a dependency map identifying the major groups of people that are likely to affect the success of this project. Who do you think will be most cooperative? Who do you think will be the least cooperative? Why?
As an project manager in building a new international airport, important tasks of the project managers across any work scope or vertical is to ensure that the planned projects get finished well in time within the given budget and the planned time frame. Project management is one of the most high ranking areas of study and plays a meaningful role in organizations across all the scope.
The main responsibilities of the
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In my personal view, the construction of new international airport may will benefits Airlines, Homeland, Carpenters, Workers Organization, Electricians, Machine Operators, Government Agencies, Contractors, Politicians, Business Leaders and Design Architect. I am strongly saying this, because the people categorized under this group are mostly graduated with a better qualification. Even there are certain group people still looking for chances for grow up in their living lifestyle. This construction will provide a better job to all of umployees and it may will be a strong fundamental beginning of their carrier as well.
In additional, via constuction a new international airport, this group of people mostly to graduates staffs,they can learn and develop their skills by getting knowledge from bigger projects. They also able to understand well about the projects and gain more experience from their working environment. Moreover, nowdays employees looking for a secure work environment whereby they feel safe with their working condition with better income. With the success of this project, employees won’t think about existing the job due to good working conditions
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