Article Analysis ' Savage Inequalities Written By Jonathan Kozal Essay

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It’s been 60 years since the Supreme Court struck down the concept of “separate but equal” schools in Brown v. Board of Education, but today, most black students attend schools that are majority non-white. The percentages of black students attending a majority-non-white school today is 74.1 percent, it is little changed from figures in the 1960s. Nearly 40 percent of black children attend schools that are almost entirely (more than 90 percent) non-white. “Americans simultaneously believe that schools are places where social inequalities should be equalized, where the advantages or disadvantages that children experience in their homes and families should not determine what happens to them in school-in essence, that school is a place where children should have equal chances to make the most of their potential.” (Inequality) The 1991 article Savage Inequalities written by Jonathan Kozal highlights the fact that every person is entitled to the right to receive quality care and education. Kozal, revealed there can be overwhelming social factors that prevent students in a small Illinois town from getting an equal education. The author shrewdly described the morbid living conditions experienced by the residence of East St. Louis, Illinois. A predominately black community near the banks of the Mississippi River. However, despite the conditions that the city 's kids must endure, these students refuse to wallow in misery. The didn’t believe the hype. Even though, these students have

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